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Dear all,

We are pleased to announce the Winners of the NudgeChallengeCOP21, with 3 different types of Awards :

  • Audience Awards : based on public votes (Likes, and Buzz)
  • Place to Be Awards : rewarding creative storytelling around Climate Change issues (From our Partner Place to B hosting the Ceremony)
  • Nudge France Jury Awards : promoting most convincing Nudges, after evaluations by experts in Nudges and sustainability (French minister of sustainable development, SGMAP prime minister services, Nudge France experts, BVA, ILEC)
    • With 4 thematic prizes : Natural resources saving award, Energy saving award, Emission reduction Award, and Methodology Award
    • A special prize “coup de Coeur” of the Jury
    • And the Grand Prix, overall winner of this contest

Press-release (in French) here


Nudge France Jury Awards

Grand Prix : Nudge in a Teacup – St Paul’s Girls’ School – UK

Members : Aaryana Malik, Dhivya Thandanghorai, Eliza Stephenson, Inaara Hall, Maddie Dean, Marina Luccioni

« Coup de Coeur » of the Jury : Bread Busters – Skema Business School – France

Team members : Cécile Bedu, Marie-Amélie Charpentier, Wei Deng, Cécile Dudognon, Guillaume Galli, Henintsoa Ravonison

Thematic prizes :

Natural Resource Saving Award : The Brain Hackers – Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle – France

Team members : Mariam Chammat, Camille Rozier, Albert Moukheiber, Karim Ndiaye, Margot Morgiève, Céline Gehamy, Nathalie George, Stéphanie Dubal

Energy Saving Award : KitKettle – AgroParisTech – France

Team members : Audrey Blandin, Antoinette Kneuss, Alexia Noguera, Astrid Olleris, Marie Rambaud, Kevin Yassine

Emission reduction Award : The City Bikers – AgroParisTech – France

Research Methodology Award : Coffee lids – University of Toronto – Canada

Team members : Bonnie Dalaroy, Claire Yu, Kafai Wong, Madison Harry, Matthew Lau

Place to Be Awards :

Story-telling Award : NUTSE – Toulouse School of Economics – France

Team members : Julie Bousquet, Cécile Canouet, Maxime Cremel, Robin Cunchillos, François Edison, Alice Hébrard, Sarah Lacroix, Romain Ledoux, Manon Portier, Benjamin Prissé

Fun award : TeamGD UNIST – Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology – Korea

Audience Awards :

« Like » Award : Mc Nudget – Montpellier Business School – France

« Buzz » Award (reach) : MARKET’SPHERE – IAE Toulouse – France




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