A successful first step for the Nudge Challenge

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Congratulations to the all participants of the first step of the Nudge Challenge, held during the “Week of Public Innovation” in Paris during the 16th of October.

The Jury was amazed at the quality and the creativity of all of the nudges that were presented. The 14 teams managed to produce quality nudges in a record time, and it was very hard to select a winner ! (detailed minutes will be soon released here)

We thank all of the people who took part in this adventure with us, and look forward to discovering more nudges during the second step of the Nudge Challenge.

Congratulations to the three teams that were selected by the jury:

Grand Prix du jury :

Team name : KitKettle
Nudge : StickUp “how to save energy and water with your kettle vith a visual nudge”
Team members : Audrey Blandin – Antoinette Kneuss – Alexia Noguera – Astrid Olleris – Marie Rambaud – Kevin Yassine
School program : Economie et Gestion de l’Entreprise (EGE) d’AgroParisTech

Grand Prix


Coups de Coeur :

Team name: Game of Trays
Nudge: “how to spoil less food in cafeterias using power of gaming”
Team members: Simon Garret – Slava Mazlin – Baptiste Lefebvre – Solène Hervé – Louis Ryckembusch – Aymeric Chorlay
School Program : ITI Program, ENS

Coup de coeur 2

Team name: Market’sphere
Nudge: “How to waste less water in the toilets by nudging users to press the small button”
Team members: Olivier Rouanet – Lucas Pesenti – Marie Galès – Zoé Prévotes – Amélie Buge – Charlène Ceruti – Claire Isoulet
School Program : M2 Conseil et Marketing Stratégique, IAE Toulouse

Coup de coeur 1


The Jury :

Eric Singler : Nudge france – BVA
Francoise Waintrop : Nudge France – SGMAP
Céline Pelletier : Nudge France – SGMAP
Emanuele Ciriolo : European comission
Elsa Savourey : Nudge France
Etienne Bressoud : NudgeFrance BVA
Olivier Perrin : Ministère de l’écologie, du développement durable et de l’énergie
Gilles Pacault : Ilec-Prodimarques
Richard Bordenave : NudgeFrance – BVA

Stay with us : more details will be shared soon !

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